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Serious growth of electric vehicles in Bulgaria


Electric vehicles in Bulgaria are experiencing serious growth, according to data from the Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster (EVIC), quoted by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency.

There were 9,889 registered electric vehicles in the country at the beginning of October. This is 2,472 more, or a growth of 33.3 percent compared to the number at the beginning of April.

A total of 114,937 vehicles were registered in the country as of the same month, making the share of electric vehicles 2.2 percent.

Registered hybrid cars as of October 1 were 7,028, which is a quarter more than April 1.

There is also growth in the development of the network of charging stations for electric vehicles, which as of October exceeded 1,350 charging stations or 25 percent more compared to the stations a year earlier.

The number of charging stations is growing mostly with the opening of new locations. However, freedom of travel or access to seamless and easy charging across the country is a leading challenge for those wanting to own an electric vehicle. And that’s why a national coordinator for electric mobility should be appointed by the Council of Ministers (MC)”, announced EVIC.

EVIC has also several other proposals:

  • Adoption of regulatory measures such as imposing the obligation of municipalities to provide places for charging in at least two parking spaces.
  • Incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises that invest in the construction and management of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.
  • Incentives in fees, taxes and car registration to influence consumer interest. In this case, the main principle should be “the polluter pays”. Special measures can be subsidies for zero-emission vehicles, the division of fees and taxes according to the level of emissions, together with scrapping schemes for the most polluting vehicles, such as those with an emission standard of Euro 3 or less.
  • Creation of a national portal (Smart Grid).

EVIC also notes that it is an important commitment of the state to provide a cloud service for public information about charging stations, terms of use, related services, etc.

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