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Sofia downtown free of polluting cars as of December 1


The oldest and most polluting cars will not be able to enter Sofia downtown from December 1. The restriction is imposed on the perimeter, known as the small ring in the Bulgarian capital – the area between “Slivnitsa”, “Vasil Levski”, “Patriarch Evtimiy”, “Skobelev” boulevards and “Oplchenska” street.

The ban will be in force only for cars from the first eco-category.

According to data from the Sofia Municipality, the sanction will cover 19% of Sofia’s car park. For the rest of the eco-categories – from the second to the fifth, no restrictions are foreseen.

However, exceptions will be allowed – for people who live in the area

The ban will be imposed until the end of February.

The control is based on the cameras in the city rings, which belong to the municipalities.

They will recognize the number plates of the cars. We expect that the trend of reducing the number of days in which dust particles standards are exceeded will continue,” said councilor Zafir Zarkov.

Eco-categories are determined during the annual technical inspection of the cars

This is done on the basis when the car was manufactured and which Eurocategory it fits in. The first eco-category is Euro 1 and 2, produced before 1996 with petrol engine and Euro 1 and 2, produced before 2002 with diesel engine”, explains Todor Zhelev from UAB.

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