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“ESG & FRIENDS” 2024: Re-position, Re-think, Re-grow


The third edition of the ESG & FRIENDS forum, organized by the first media platform for ESG practices in Bulgaria, prepares an exciting and innovative framework for discussing the most current topics in the field of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

On February 27, at the Hilton Hotel in Sofia, leading experts, business representatives and investors will discuss ways to rethink approaches to ESG factors and their impact on business and society.

The theme for our next forum – “Re-position, Re-think, Re-grow” – promises to reveal innovative solutions and strategies needed to build a more sustainable and successful future.

Rethinking ESG and business strategies

In the first part of the forum, one of the 10 most influential ESG experts in the world, Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser, will talk about current trends and challenges in the field of ESG investments and business strategies.

Among the guest speakers will be Indira Kartallozi, director at Kaleidoscope Futures, lecturer and course assessor at the Institute for Sustainable Management at Cambridge University.

The role of technology and innovation in sustainable business

The next part of the forum will focus on technological innovations and how they are important in achieving sustainability goals. Participants will examine how new technologies can be used to realize ESG goals and optimize business models.

Cooperation and partnerships for sustainability

Industry experts and leaders will share their perspectives on how businesses can rethink their goals and practices to achieve higher standards of sustainability and social responsibility with an emphasis on the importance of collaboration and partnerships in a sustainable economy.

ESG & FRIENDS forum “Re-position, Re-think, Re-grow” promises to be an inspiring event that will bring new ideas and strategies in the field of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Participants will discuss how we can change the world by rethinking our approaches and values while growing more sustainably and innovatively.

It’s time to reposition, rethink and grow together towards a better future!

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