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ESG&Friends: Sustainability in Technology – Siemens


The first event of the platform – ESG&Friends, took place on September 12, 2022. It brought together the ESG community – representatives of business, education and institutions – at an informal meeting in Sofia Tech Park. More than 120 guests were able to share ideas, see the most innovative solutions for sustainable development of leading companies and exchange contacts with experts on the subject.

During the event, certificates were presented on behalf of to some of the most active leaders and organizations in Bulgaria, who have accepted the ESG cause as an invariable part of their lives and professional activities.

Rumyana Parusheva, Head of Communications and Sustainability Manager at Siemens Bulgaria, gave a presentation on the Siemens’ path to a green and responsible future. “We have been active in this field for over 30 years,” said Parusheva.

The company took a decisive step forward in its sustainable development goals already with the support of the UN Global Compact in 2003. Five years later, Siemens presented its ecological, green portfolio of products for saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint.

In 2015, the company made a commitment to carbon neutrality, and numerous climate-related initiatives have followed since then.

“The latest (initiative) from the middle of last year is our framework concept. It was decided that all initiatives, policies and activities in sustainability should be united under one umbrella – DEGREE. These are our main goals with clear priorities. Every degree matters,” said Parusheva.


Siemens is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, and to net zero in its entire supply chain by 2050.


Siemens works to build a culture of trust and adherence to ethical standards. “Colleagues undergo annual training on the way we do business,” added Parusheva.


Siemens works with more than 65,000 companies in its supply chain, and all of them are committed to complying with their code of conduct, which ensures the implementation of ESG measures. The company checks every major transaction for compliance.

Resource efficiency

Siemens is committed to applying the principles of sustainability in the design of its products and the whole designing process.


For the company, diversity and inclusion are of great importance. “One of our highlights is an increase in the number of women in leadership positions. We achieved this equality 50/50” – added Parusheva.


Siemens invests millions in training and dual programs. In this way, the company develops its own potential and that of its employees, as well as attracts new digital minds.

ESG&Friends was held with the support of Philip Morris Bulgaria, Yettel, Siemens and in partnership with the European Investment Bank and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.




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