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ESG&Friends: Yettel’s social policy


The first event of the platform – ESG&Friends, took place on September 12, 2022. It brought together the ESG community – representatives of business, education and institutions – at an informal meeting in Sofia Tech Park. More than 120 guests were able to share ideas, see the most innovative solutions for sustainable development of leading companies and exchange contacts with experts on the subject.

During the event, certificates were presented on behalf of to some of the most active leaders and organizations in Bulgaria, who have accepted the ESG cause as an invariable part of their lives and professional activities.

Galya Parmenter, Senior ESG Advisor at Yettel, spoke about the company’s social corporate strategy during the event.

“We have been on the market for 20 years, and this year we became Yettel. What we are betting on is a balance with nature and all of us – this is the heart of ESG” – with these words, Parmenter began her presentation.

Yettel has an active social corporate strategy which is now being transformed and in early October they will also announce their ESG strategy. They pay attention not only to the energy they use, but also to the management of e-waste. A focus of the strategy will be biodiversity, gender equality and inclusion.

The program “Side by Side”

Yettel has successfully developed its “Side by Side” program to help people with disabilities. “We call them people with diverse abilities,” Parmenter explained.

As part of its program, Yettel gives people with different abilities a chance to develop professionally. The company creates positions for them in order to get real corporate experience. They partner with NGOs that help them find the right people.

“This is how we create a network of partners, mentors and managers who encourage people with different abilities to give their best. We use feedback to improve our services and products. We grow together,” Parmenter pointed out.

The program’s length is 2 years, after which participants can choose to stay at Yettel or continue their career elsewhere.

In conclusion, Galya Parmenter explained:

“We have been running the program for 8 years, we also share experience with other companies in Bulgaria. Our vision is that in a few years we won’t need such a program, but people will be able to work alongside us and have the necessary environment to be the best version of themselves!”

ESG&Friends was held with the support of Philip Morris Bulgaria, Yettel, Siemens and in partnership with the European Investment Bank and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.




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