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E… S… G

Three Latin letters, which for many are still just that. But for the global corporate world, they now have a new, key meaning. The acronym ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and represents the three aspects of business that are considered key factors in measuring a company’s sustainability.

Behind the letter E stands the company’s contribution to tackling climate change, reducing carbon emissions, managing water resources and waste, increasing energy efficiency and other actions aimed at tackling global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Behind S are human rights, modern labor standards and health and safety at work. A sustainable company supports its employees, customers, partners, local communities and society as a whole.

And under the letter G are the transparent management of the company, which balances the interests between all parties and creates long-term value and sustainability of the business model. This includes the fight against corruption, tax transparency, risk management, etc. is the first real ESG media platform in Bulgaria, part of the economic site group. The team has set itself the goal of increasing the interest of businesses and institutions in Bulgaria to the need and benefits of implementing ESG policies and complying with the new sustainability criteria.

Good corporate examples will be brought to the fore in an attempt to stimulate in Bulgaria the good practices that are becoming the norm of corporate behavior in the West.

And, of course, to make the Planet a better place to live.