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ESG&Friends: The Transformation of Philip Morris International


The first event of the ESGnews.bg platform – ESG&Friends, took place on September 12, 2022. It brought together the ESG community – representatives of business, education and institutions – at an informal meeting in Sofia Tech Park. More than 120 guests were able to share ideas, see the most innovative solutions for sustainable development of leading companies and exchange contacts with experts on the subject.

During the event, certificates were presented on behalf of ESGnews.bg to some of the most active leaders and organizations in Bulgaria, who have accepted the ESG cause as an invariable part of their lives and professional activities.

Dilyana Yakova, Manager “Regulations and Sustainable Development” at Philip Morris Bulgaria, presented the big transformation of the company, which started 5-6 years ago and was connected with a change of their main product. About sustainable development, Yakova says that it is not only part of their a business strategy, but it is already a business strategy itself.

Smoke-free vision

The company is committed to building a smoke-free future. To accomplish this, Philip Morris invests in research and pharmaceutical companies, in development and new products, alternative to tobacco products. Thus, it becomes the only traditional tobacco company that has committed to switch completely to smokeless products.

The transformation is also established by “a complete replacement of the business model for working in the company and the way we communicate with employees, supply chain, external partners, regulators and consumers”, Yakova explained.

Philip Morris issued its integrated report for the third time this year. The report gives “a new strategic framework and specifies the business indicators on which we will work, as well as presents a renewed road map for our goals until 2025”, Yakova pointed out.

ESG&Friends was held with the support of Philip Morris Bulgaria, Yettel, Siemens and in partnership with the European Investment Bank and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.




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