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TPP Bobov Dol

TPP Bobov Dol was fined for releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere


The District Court in Dupnitsa imposed a fine of BGN 150,000 on the TPP Bobov Dol.

The sanction was imposed after release of harmful gases into the atmosphere was detected during an inspection by the Regional environmental and water inspection authority.

The inspection in question was carried out last year.

Then, following signals from local residents of Golemo Selo, a team of Regional inspection made an unplanned visit to the plant.

It was found that untreated and unorganized emissions from the operation of boiler 1, representing waste gases, without purification through a desulfurization plant, were released through an opened flap of the 200-meter chimney, which were directed and released directly into the atmosphere.

The act drawn up in April this year has been appealed in court.

The court considers that the criminal decree should be partially amended regarding the amount of the imposed sanction, which should be reduced from BGN 200,000 to BGN 150,000 as more realistic and fair, the decision states. It is subject to appeal.

The Ministry of Environment and Water announced that the plant’s sanctions already amount to about BGN 800,000.

Our goal is to move to the next level of fuels, which are significantly cleaner and more environmentally friendly. After coal – comes natural gas, from natural gas – we move to hydrogen. We are on the way to make bad smells and smoke remain somewhere far back in history”, commented the CEO of TPP “Bobov dol” eng. Lyubomir Spasov.

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