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How to learn transferable skills?‎


Transferable skills are qualities that can be transferred from one position to another. Some such abilities include the ability to communicate well, work in a team, adapt to change, be good with technology, and show empathy. The list is endless. However, it is a challenge, on the one hand, to acquire them, and on the other, to emphasize them during a job interview. ‎

Acquisition of transferable skills ‎

When changing jobs or industries, specific skills are sought that a person does not necessarily possess. Some skills can be acquired while pursuing one’s hobbies or volunteering. ‎

Volunteering is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. There are countless causes that need volunteers, and no particular experience is required to get involved. If, for example, the new position requires experience in organizing events, but the person’s previous job did not include such responsibilities, this can be done by joining as a volunteer. So you can see how small or larger events are organized. ‎Volunteering for causes brings satisfaction, allows for immediate involvement, and helps a person see if this type of activity is really for them or if it sounds better on paper than it actually is. ‎

Hobbies also help acquire skills that employers value. Persistence and finding time to maintain hobby activities require the ability to organize one’s time. A well-organized person usually meets deadlines, communicates with others in a timely manner, and follows instructions well. Employers can trust organized workers to meet deadlines, take notes and ensure projects are completed efficiently.

Emphasis on transferable skills

When applying for a new job, one can include some of their transferable skills in their resume, cover letter, or emphasize them during interviews. Some of these skills may be included after the job description in a list of skills that were required for the position. The cover letter may focus on one or two transferable skills that the employer has included in the job description. During the interview, through examples, emphasis can be placed on the skills needed for the new position, which the candidate already possesses.




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