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Prof. Wayne Visser’s book “Thriving” challenges readers to consider ways to sustainably develop and regenerate our world


One of the ten most influential ESG experts in the world Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser will be the keynote speaker at the ESG&FRIENDS Forum, which this year will be held under the motto “Re-position, Re-think, Re-grow” on February 27 2024 at the Hilton Hotel Sofia. On this occasion, today we will tell you about Prof. Visserott’s book “Thriving”, which is a bestseller on Amazon and you can get it at the event, as well as get a personal autograph from him.

“Thriving” is a book that explores an innovative view of the ways in which society, economy and nature can coexist in harmony. Prof. Dr Wayne Visser argues that this is not only possible, but urgent if we are to tackle the challenges facing humanity, such as climate change, increasing inequality and biodiversity loss.

The main idea developed in the book is the concept of “regenerative economy”. Instead of focusing only on the idea of a green economy that simply reduces negative impacts on the environment, Prof. Visser promotes the idea of a positive impact on nature. Regeneration is based on the idea that by skillfully managing natural resources we can not only restore their health, but also make them richer and more fertile over time.

The Five Pillars of Regeneration

Based on his own research and that of others, Visser identifies “six keys to prosperity”—complexity, circularity, creativity, coherence, convergence, and continuity—explicitly explaining each in the first chapter.

“Six” is a recurring theme – the author subsequently talks about moving from “six forces of decay” to “six countermeasures to breakthrough”, a concept that helps establish the basis for a wide-ranging, erudite discussion of regeneration.

Prof. Wayne Visser identifies five key aspects of regeneration:

  1. Nature regeneration: This includes supporting biodiversity and ecosystems. Instead of destroying natural resources, we should work to restore them.
  2. Regeneration of culture: Prof. Visser promotes the deepening of interactions and mutual assistance in society. Trust and mutual support between people must be restored.
  3. Economic regeneration: He insists on an economic system that promotes economic development that combines sustainability and social justice.
  4. Regeneration of education: To change the way we think and act, we need to rethink education. Prof. Visser offers new learning models and educational programs that train us for a regenerative lifestyle.
  5. Regeneration of democracy: Ultimately, regeneration requires active participation and civic participation. A democratic process must be built – one that encourages citizen participation in shaping the decisions that affect them and their world.

A new way of thinking

Prof. Wayne Visser’s book “Thriving: The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society, and the Economy” provides a comprehensive framework for reflection and action. It points us to a new way of thinking that focuses on regeneration instead of just sustainability.

The author inspires us to work for the improvement of nature, society and economy, achieving economic success and social justice while maintaining natural resources and biodiversity.

Wayne Visser’s “Thriving” not only provides us with important ideas and concepts, but also challenges us to action. This approach to regeneration is not only theoretical but also practical. It encourages readers to get involved and work for change in the world.

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